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ITI introduces immediate incident-based training

Posted: July 25, 2018 by Elizabeth Bate

Instructional Technologies Inc. (ITI) is hoping to give fleets a rapid response tool for post-incident driver coaching.

The online training solutions company is introducing a new library of short, highly focused, incident-based training courses.

ITI says the courses not only help to train drivers who may need further coaching after an on-road incident but can also help reduce exposure to liability.

The program offers fleets the ability to choose from a list of lessons and assign them to drivers after an event has occurred. Topics address the most common behaviors and violations that lead to problems while driving. The subjects were chosen using a survey of high-frequency incidents and a review of CSA data.

Some of the 14 topics include intersections, Hours of Service, driver distractions, and avoiding fixed objects. More topics will be added in the future.

The lessons typically only last five-to-seven minutes each and eliminate the need for managers to develop training for every incident that happens. The videos will be available to be viewed on a mobile device.


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