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John Bean unveils three tire changers

Posted: December 11, 2018

John Bean has unveiled a series of three heavy-duty tire changers, covering a variety of sizes.

The largest option in the range, the 8058, can service up to 58-inch wheels and 95-inch tires. It comes with a wireless control pendant, and is a tool that allows a single operator to change even the largest and heaviest assemblies.

The 8056 handles up to 44-inch wheels and 90-inch tires on agricultural equipment ant trucks. It features strong tulip clamping jaws that can handle most off-road assemblies, the company says.

Rounding out the lineup is 8026, which can change wheels up to 26 inches and tires as large as 60 inches. Designed as a “do all” machine for heavy-duty service, it can service truck and skid loader tires. An optional roller accessory is available for those dealing with tubeless highway assemblies.


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