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Keep your ears on, Alberta! AMTA squelches CB b-s

Posted: August 1, 2014

EDMONTON — Alberta is indeed leaping aboard the handheld-phone-while-driving-ban bandwagon, but don’t worry.

Contrary to reports (including, we admit, here), they’re not going to take your beloved citizen’s-bands away.

Commercial drivers will still be able to use their CBs. It’s stated explicitly in the law, says Mayne Root, the executive director of the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA).

Root said there was some misunderstanding when the new rule was first announced last week because the law does prohibit the use of CBs, but only for non-commercial drivers. Hence, the phrase "recreational" CBs, which are part of the ban.

So, wannabe truckers yammering away from behind the wheels of their Priuses pretending to be Smokey and/or the Bandit will apparently have to cut it out.

And emergency personnel, like truckers, are exempt.

The new legislation has passed third reading and Root says the new hands-free law will come into affect “mid next year.”

If you have any more questions about Alberta’s new law, click here.

Meanwhile, in Ontario, the law outlawing handheld communication devices might yet apply to CBs.

As written, the Ontario law exempted CBs during the first three years and invited the CB-radio manufacturers to come up with a hands-free version.

No such animal has yet come to the attention of but when it does, you’ll hear about it here first.

Like we said, keep your ears on.

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