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Kinedyne expands tire chain family

Posted: December 20, 2018

Kinedyne has unveiled 7- and 8-mm heavy-duty stud tire chains under its Grip Link Brand Tire Chain family.

The latest offerings feature 14 cross links and are for off-road use, when trucks need traction over uneven terrain, oil fields, lumber yards, rock, mud, snow and ice.

Each version includes four tensioning cams for quick tightening on single models, while there are eight cams on dual-triples, with four cams on the outside and the remaining four on the inside. The multiple cams offer even tensioning, the company says, noting the Kinedyne’s T-Wrench cam tensioning tool is included in each package.

The chains were already available in 7-mm steel wire v-bar and 7-mm steel wire square link designs for highway use. But the new stud versions offer more flexibility and two lightweight alternatives.

The 9-mm steel wire heavy-duty study Grip Link Tire Chains have been discontinued, but are still available while supplies last.

Grip Link studs, cross links, and sidewall chains are made of a hardened, high-strength carbon steel.


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