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KW, Pete Get eTrac

Posted: August 1, 2014

The Bendix eTrac automated air-pressure transfer system for Bendix ABS-6 braking systems with automatic traction control is now available as an option on 6×2 class 8 tractors and trucks from both Kenworth and Peterbilt. The system helps drivers of 6×2 vehicles automatically overcome low-traction events, enabling fleets to swap more of their 6×4 trucks with lighter-weight 6x2s, saving approximately 500 lb.

The eTrac system fully automates the traditional manual air-pressure transfer process. Unlike a manual system, eTrac can respond in fractions of a second to a low-traction situation, offering real-time adjustment. When added to Bendix Smart ATC (automatic traction control), eTrac automatically engages and disengages – without driver input – the vehicle’s air-bag pressure-transfer system during low-traction events. The system transfers pressure from the undriven axle to the driven axle automatically.

When the eTrac system engages, it automatically evacuates air-bag pressure, dropping the nose of the trailer. The resulting extra forward weight on a 6×2 tractor helps compensate for the lack of a second drive axle to deliver traction  that’s comparable to a 6×4 tractor in many situations, says Bendix.

The system provides protection against drivetrain damage by automatically disengaging after a low-traction event is complete or when the vehicle’s speed exceeds 25 mph. The system also allows for semi-automatic activation at speeds below 10 mph, or when a vehicle’s ATC mud/snow switch is enabled.

The eTrac system will be available on the Kenworth T660, T680, T800, and W900 and on all 6×2 class 8 models from Peterbilt in May.


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