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Posted: August 1, 2014

SAF-Holland has streamlined its North American landing gear offering with the introduction of the Atlas and Classic series. The Holland Mark V Series will retain its position as the flagship model in the product line. Features and technologies from former Binkley, Austin-Westran and Holland products have been integrated into both new product lines.

All Atlas models will feature a three-gear constant-mesh gearbox, as well as ‘FloatingNut’ and ‘Twin-Bulkhead’ design. The first release in the series, the Atlas 55, will offer a 170,000-lb load capacity, a 30,000-lb side-load capacity, and a 55,000-lb lift capacity. It will be followed by the release of the ’65’ in early 2011 with higher load capacities.

The economical Classic series offers many of the same engineering features but with a more cost-effective two-shaft constant-mesh gearbox design and lower capacity ratings — a 140,000-lb load capacity, 27,000-lb side-load capacity, and  39,000-lb lift capacity.


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