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Layoffs Continue at Daimler Truck Plants

Posted: February 17, 2016 by Today's Trucking Staff

CLEVELAND, NC – Daimler has announced that it’s cutting 1,250 jobs in North America this spring as demand for commercial trucks continues to slip.

The company says the layoffs will directly impact two Freightliner truck plants in North Carolina, including 700 workers at its Mount Holly plant, and another 550 at its Cleveland facility, the location where 900 jobs were also slashed in January.

In a news release, Daimler said its Cleveland plant will now have a single shift of 1,600 people, while Mount Holly will have two shifts with 1,450 total employees. Just two months ago, the Cleveland plant’s employment was near 3,000 workers.

Production of heavy-duty trucks in 2016 is expected to be down 10% to 20% from 2015.

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