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Liftgate Battery Charger

Posted: May 11, 2016

Phillips Industries has introduced the new STA-CHARGE battery charger for 12V liftgate/load batteries.

When paired with its 8-gauge harness, the charger is said to produce a faster charge rate than similar systems on the market today. Other systems use a 10-gauge harness which can increase the time it takes to charge the batteries due to voltage drop. Heavier-duty connectors also allow for a better mechanical and electrical connection, the company says, which increases the lifespan of the charger as well as the number of liftgate cycles.

The new charger also incorporates a patented lock-out feature, which stops the charge to the trailer batteries when the brakes are pressed. When it’s pulling power from the auxiliary/ABS (blue) circuit to charge the trailer batteries, this safety measure ensures that all available power on this circuit is sourced to the ABS module when the brakes are engaged.

The charger regulates over-charging of the trailer batteries and prevents the 12V truck battery from becoming so low that it doesn’t start.


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