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Posted: August 1, 2014

Fontaine’s new Ultra LT fifth wheel,  part of the company’s new Ultra family, can be used only for on-highway applications, where weight makes a difference, including tankers. It’s a way to offset the extra weight of 2010 engines and their emission systems. The new product is said to save as much as 100 lb or more over other fifth wheel, as light as an aluminum model but with the strength, durability and cost-effectiveness provided by its steel construction.

The Ultra LT is offered as a complete system that includes the top plate and one of a variety of mounting configurations, including inboard and outboard slide assemblies and a stationary mount. Both the inboard and outboard sliders are claimed to be lighter and more compact than standard slide assemblies.
Like all Fontaine fifth wheels, it has a patented lock design that eliminates the possibility of false trailer couplings to prevent dangerous high hitching. A patent is also pending on the fifth wheel’s secondary lock. Air actuation with in-cab air release (operable only when parking brake is engaged) is available.

The Ultra LT fifth wheel offers a vertical load of 50,000 lb and a drawbar pull of 150,000 lb. The top plate is formed steel.



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