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Lightweight fixed frame air suspension

Posted: March 2, 2017

SAF-Holland’s new CBX23 AeroBeam fixed frame air suspension – designed for weight-sensitive flatdeck and tanker applications — has been unveiled with a base weight of 465 pounds, offering what the company says is the lightest air suspension available.

It’s 45 pounds lighter than the previous generation of CBX23, and 25 pounds per axle lighter than the nearest competitor, SAF-Holland adds. On its own, that can reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions by 660 pounds over 10 years.

But the second model in the recently unveiled series of suspensions is no lightweight in terms of features. Suspension beams are made with a heat-treated cast alloy, 80 ksi frame brackets, and a 5.75-inch friction-welded axle that is said to be 12% thicker than competing axles. The trailing arms are made of treated cast alloy steel.

It all contributes to a five-year warranty on the beam, axle, frame brackets, and alignment system. The trailer arm bushing is covered for seven years.

“It’s also a very versatile platform,” says Roger Jansen, product manager for trailer axles and suspensions. “We have a very adaptable, flexible frame attachment system.

Multiple styles of frame brackets – including weld-on tapered top, weld-on with wing, and bolt-on versions – mean it can be adapted to fit several types of trailers.

The suspension is treated with hot dip galvanized Black Armor, which chemically bonds to the metal. It also has a SwingAlign system for easy axle adjustments, and can be equipped with P89 or P89 Plus air disc brakes. 


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