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Posted: August 1, 2014

Haldex now offers an electronic lining-wear sensor that continuously monitors wear on drum-brake linings and clearly indicates when they’re worn out, eliminating the need for manual measuring or visual indicators. As well, the constant flow of data on brake lining provides information that can be used to improve control, safety, efficiency and cost control. With a sensor on every wheel, wear monitoring helps to determine the optimum time to replace the vehicle’s brake linings, allowing preventive maintenance to be easily scheduled.

The Haldex sensor integrates with the braking system and most on-board diagnostic systems, the company says. And, it easily installs onto most existing spline-type S-cam shafts by mounting to the Haldex S-ABA, then connecting the signal cable. Because the S-cam shaft angle directly
correlates to lining wear, the sensor continuously measures the angle of the S-cam shaft on the drum brake, which changes when the automatic brake adjuster alters the brake. With two internal parts, the lining-wear sensor is made up of seven magnetically-sensitive ‘Hall effect’ sensors and a built-in magnetic disc which rotates along with the S-cam shaft. A microprocessor collects data from the sensors. This data is translated into a digital signal, corresponding to the angle of the S-Cam shaft. In turn, the digital signal is converted into an analog signal before transmitting
data to the vehicle. The accuracy of the sensor is better than +/-3%, says Haldex.


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