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LoadMaxx scale for spring ride

Posted: September 22, 2017

Air-Weigh‘s LoadMaxx trailer scale will be available for spring ride suspensions by the end of October.

The leaf spring scale uses what’s called deflection sensor technology to measure real-time, on-the-ground weights, and is designed for tandem-axle trailers. It’s available for retrofits as well as new trailers.

The LoadMaxx trailer scale was originally only available for air ride trailers.

Each version of the scale includes an icon-based touch screen display, LED alarm lights, compensation for changes in temperature and altitude, and PIN-protected calibrations. It also offers the information in English, French, and Spanish.

Incorporate an optional ComLink and drivers can view steer, drive, trailer, Gross Vehicle Weights, and net payloads. If this option isn’t spec’d up front, it is still available as a plug-and-play addition.

Tractor and trailer weight data can also be sent to fleet management software using a built-in data communications interface.


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