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Posted: August 1, 2014

Hendrickson’s INTRAAX low-ride/liftable integrated trailer suspension line will include the new AANL 23K in the second quarter of this year. It’s going to replace the AAL 23K as Hendrickson’s lightest 23,000-lb suspension, saving operators about 150 lb on tandem-axle trailers. It’s said to include the standard trailer Cam Tube System to reduce S-cam maintenance and standard QUIK-ALIGN for fast and accurate axle alignment.

Offered in ride heights from 6.5 to 17 in., the AANL 23K brings tapered-beam and large-diameter axle (LDA)
technologies to drop-decks, lowboys, platforms, tankers, bottom dumps and specialty trailers.

The new axle system uses Hendrickson’s ‘Advanced Axle/Beam Technology’ to enhance strength while reducing weight. The tapered-beam design uses the Tri-Functional III bushing that features phosphate-coated inner metal for corrosion protection and a unique rubber compound for durability and ride.

LDA increases the diameter of today’s traditional five-in. axle by about three-quarters of an inch while slightly
reducing the wall thickness, which reduces weight while improving component and system strength. It’s said to
deliver as much as a 22% increase in bending and torsional stiffness compared to the five-in. axle tube. This
reduces tube deflection under loads to keep the axle straighter and help enhance fuel efficiency and tire wear.


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