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Mack rolling out online simulator for Pinnacle fuel economy

Posted: August 12, 2016 by Today's Trucking Staff

GREENSBORO, NC – A new online tool on the way from Mack Trucks enables customers at a dealership to input and modify a number of variables on Mack Pinnacle highway models to evaluate fuel economy.

Users will be able select a route and evaluate fuel-savings potential against a baseline configuration. Variables include weight, speed, engine size and rating, transmission, axle ratios, tires, aerodynamic enhancements and others.

“Even with today’s low fuel prices, fuel remains the single largest expense for the vast majority of our highway customers,” says Scott Barraclough, Mack technology product manager. “With this new tool, customers can quickly see the fuel efficiency impacts of different truck configurations, enabling them to optimize the spec of their Mack Pinnacle models to save fuel and help boost their bottom lines.”

The tool includes an interactive map that allows customers to choose from several major interstate highway routes, providing a breakdown of flat, rolling hills and hilly terrain. Topographical information is then used in the fuel efficiency comparison.

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