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Mack testing zero-emission drayage trucks

Posted: May 21, 2016

GREENSBORO, NC – Mack is testing Class 8 drayage trucks capable of producing zero emissions as part of a California-based project looking to reduce air pollution at “freight-intensive” locations. And the work will receive funding through a $23.6-million grant from the state, it was announced during the recent Advanced Clean Technology (ACT) Expo.

Mack's zero-emission demonstration truck.The Mack trucks will focus on ultra-low NOx technologies, while also advancing plug-in hybrid and geo-fencing capabilities.

The trucks being tested at a drayage fleet at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles run in a pure electric mode when in locations that have heaviest freight traffic, but switch to a hybrid mode with a diesel engine and recharges batteries when working in other areas.

The demonstration involves a plug-in hybrid electric drayage truck based on the platform of a Pinnacle day cab. That truck integrates a Mack MP7 diesel engine with a parallel hybrid system and lithium-ion battery pack. Other enhancements focused on shedding weight and enhancing aerodynamics.

The geofencing is similar to that used in Mack’s GuardDog Connect telematics platform, and switches between zero-emission and hybrid operating modes, depending on where the truck is operating.

The project is led by the South Coast Air Quality Management District.


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