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Mahle adds to FluidPro systems

Posted: January 30, 2018

Mahle Service Solutions has added four machines to its FluidPro fluid exchange systems.

FluidPro fluid exchange systems.

The CFF-1HD Multi-Fluid Filtration System can clean a wide variety of industrial fluids using a closed-loop filtration process. It helps to filter oil and water to maximize the life of hydraulic oil, engine oil, gear lube, and transmission filters.

The VCX-32HD Coolant Exchange System helps to extract, store, and refill large-capacity engine coolant systems up to 32 US Gallons in size, eliminating air pockets during engine maintenance.

Then there’s the EFP-150HD Portable Fuel Priming System, used to help return stranded drivers to the road. When a diesel engine runs out of fuel, the company notes, injectors need to be primed to restart the engine. This system eliminates traditional manual priming at the roadside, and does the job in seconds. There’s also a resettable fuel meter to bill customers after a fuel transfer.

Rounding out the new lineup is VOX-14HD Oil Exchange System, which purges used oil from a vehicle’s filter and oil passages while the oil pan is evacuated and replaced with clean oil. That leaves technicians to perform other tasks while the oil change is completed.


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