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Maine Targets New Brunswick Truckers with New Law

Posted: July 31, 2015

AUGUST, ME — Citing the state of Maine is losing a “significant amount of money” from Canadian truckers who take but don’t pay tolls for using the Maine turnpike, lawmakers have overridden a veto of legislation by Gov. Paul LePage, allowing it to get tougher with scofflaws.

The new law allows that state to send a notice of violation to the motor vehicle registry of the jurisdiction that issued the registration, according to

In other words if truckers and anyone else doesn’t pay, their ability to operate anywhere in Maine could be suspended.

According to state officials, there are a number of truckers from New Brunswick that take the more than 100 mile section of the Maine Turnpike between Kittery and Augusta, that’s also part of Interstate 95, but never pay their tolls while police are powerless to enforce the law.

Maine currently has agreements with other nearby states that allow it to collect at least part of the money they are owned for tolls from people living elsewhere.

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