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Manitoba’s inland port is open for business

Posted: August 1, 2014

WINNIPEG — Manitoba’s inland port initiative has taken a major step forward with the announcement of the first-ever board of directors for CentrePort Canada.

CentrePort Canada is a private sector focused corporation that aims to operate and market Manitoba’s inland port as well as attract and co-ordinate business investment.

Created in October by provincial legislation, the inland port consists of 20,000 acres of land for export oriented economic development in the vicinity of the James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.

The board will have up to 15 members with expertise in such areas as rail, air and truck transportation, international business, labour, infrastructure and construction, law and financial management, and marketing.

CentrePort Canada’s inaugural board members are Kerry Hawkins (chair), Art Mauro (vice-chair), Maureen Prendiville, David Fung, Chris Lorenc, Gord Peters, Joan Hardy, Don Streuber, Bob Silver, Tom Payne, Barry Rempel, Robert Ziegler, Eugene Kostyra and Ryan Craig.

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