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Meritor axles for severe duties

Posted: September 21, 2018

Meritor is supporting severe-duty applications with the new MX-610 front drive axle and MZ-610 tridem rear axle.

The MZ-610 tridem offers wide-ranging axle ratings and a high ground clearance as well as a gross axle weight rating of 60 tons and gross combination weight of 210 tons.

The MX-610 is designed to fit Elsa disc brakes in a double-caliper configuration to offer high-rated torque in a compact package, Meritor adds. The product can mount 20-inch wheel rims and offers a steering angle up to 42 degrees. A detachable tandem is optional.

Meanwhile, a new proportioning inter-axle differential delivers even torque between the three axles to maximize traction, load capacity, and drivetrain longevity. The MZ-610 also has five differential locks and hardware for optional central tire inflation systems.

The MZ-610 tridem offers vehicles operating in extreme conditions a ratio coverage from 4.11 to 7.21 inches with standard drum or disc brakes. The faster ratios support downspeeding.



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