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Meritor trailer suspension in a lightweight package

Posted: October 1, 2019

Meritor trailer axle

Meritor’s MTA-Tec6 trailer suspension delivers a 23,000-lb. capacity for tankers, flatbeds and other vocational applications – and in a lightweight package.

The standard fully dressed top mount version is 39 lb. lighter than competitive models, while the full-dressed low mount offering is up to 53 lb. lighter, the company says.

The new design is built with the MTec6 axle, which promises 21% more stiffness – delivering better contact between the tire and road, and saving 40 lb. when compared to traditional five-inch axles.

The MTA-Tec6 trailer suspension features a plug-and-play design that’s interchangeable with other trailing arm air ride suspensions, and it fits within the narrow hanger footprint found in current trailer configurations. A proprietary bolt-on cam bushing design makes it possible to service the camshaft without removing the hub, saving about 30 minutes per wheel end.




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