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Meritor unveils reman caliper for ADB22X

Posted: January 30, 2019

Meritor has added caliper and brake pad offerings to its expanding air disc brake aftermarket portfolio.

The new remanufactured caliper for ADB22x applications enhance a portfolio that includes calipers for SN7 and SB7 applications, while the additional brake pads expand the overall value lineup coverage to 10 popular applications.

The calipers are completely remanufactured in a company facility in Plainfield, Ind. There, the units are torn down and cleaned, and then remanufactured. Parts are inspected and tested to ensure they meet exact specifications, the company adds.

The calipers fit several linehaul, trailer, and severe-duty applications.

Additional value-priced air disc brake pads that will be available this March meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 121 dynamometer specifications. The pads are made with Level N material and contain less than 0.5% copper, so they’ll comply with 2025 regulations. That means fleets can avoid multiple friction changes as manufacturers move from Level A material to Level B, and then from Level B to N.


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