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Meritor Wabco Expands Lineup

Posted: April 21, 2016


Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems has formalized a strategic alliance with Takata to market the ­latter’s SafeTrak lane-departure and ­driver-alertness warning systems.

Also new is the company’s Roll Stability Support (RSS) 1M system; new ­electrically controlled air dryer (ECAD) ­technology; and System Saver 1200 Plus air-dryer enhancements.

SafeTrak is an inexpensive, stand-alone vehicle sensor system-it retails for $500 or less-that can be fitted to any truck, offering lane-departure warning, forward-collision warning, and driver-alertness alarms. Telematic capabilities are not yet part of its feature set, nor can SafeTrak be integrated with other vehicle systems.

The new RSS 1M model offers trailer anti-lock braking with the added benefit of stability control. It’s easily retrofittable to any ABS-equipped trailer with air or mechanical suspension. It can also be installed on trailers without existing ABS, but installation would take longer. This two-sensor/one-modulator system completes the company’s offering of ABS and trailer stability control integrated in a single unit. The system automatically accounts for load status and calculates lateral acceleration while driving. If the lateral acceleration exceeds a specific value, low-pressure check-brake ­applications are applied. If the system detects a potential rollover, a full brake application occurs.

Meritor WABCO’s new ECAD dryer is now available on an unnamed OEM’s trucks. At a guess, it might well be Freightliner. ECAD is said to offer several advantages over conventional air dryers, including the potential for fuel savings. It includes two solenoid valves to facilitate pressure control and regeneration. To manage it, the truck’s electronic control unit (ECU) compiles relevant information such as line ­pressure, engine speed, engine operating time, road speed, and ambient temperature. It can’t be retrofitted.

Meritor WABCO has also enhanced its System Saver 1200 Plus spin-on air dryer to allow integration of the wet tank into the existing platform. This in turn brings added application flexibility and a small weight saving.

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