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Posted: August 1, 2014

Michelin X Line Energy D tire

Michelin Americas Truck Tires has released its new X Line Energy D tire for linehaul applications. The tire is SmartWay-verified, indicating fuel efficiency, but it’s also said to deliver “exceptional” tread life and “outstanding” traction, according to Michelin.

This is not the traditional fuel-efficient drive tire in that it features an aggressive tread pattern.

The tire is also claimed to offer wear resistance by using Michelin’s ‘Dual Energy Compound’ tread. The top layer of tread rubber is balanced to deliver fuel efficiency while exhibiting the needed wear properties to resist tread scrub, the company explains. The bottom layer of tread rubber maintains cool casing temperatures for low rolling resistance and extended casing life. The tire features a 3-retread limited casing warranty. This warranty demonstrates Michelin’s confidence in the advantages of the Dual Energy Compound Tread and the enhanced casing for maximum retreadability.

The X Line Energy D tire also employs Michelin’s proprietary Matrix siping technology, the first time offered in a linehaul energy drive tire. It offers interlocking tread action to promote traction and even wear. The zigzag, grooved walls of the siping provide biting edges for traction and excellent water and snow evacuation, Michelin says. The full-depth sipes deliver traction throughout the tread’s life. The wider footprint is said to reduce the need for additional tread depth, allowing for significant mileage improvements with just 23/32nds.

The new tire is currently offered in two sizes — 11R22.5 and 275/80R22.5 — and will be available in sizes 11R24.5 and 275/80R24.5 during the first quarter of 2013.


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