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Michelin offers two new X-One tires

Posted: August 1, 2014

Michelin’s X-One wide single tire is now offered in several variations for additional applications.

New additions to the line, introduced this week at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ken., are the Michelin X-One XDA-HT and the Michelin X-One XTE. These tires offer advantages for specific purposes, saving fuel in each application.
The Michelin X-One XDA-HT is a drive tire that provides higher scrub resistance and handles the higher torque requirements of today’s vehicles. Designed for over-the-road use on tandem axle trailers, the X-One XDA-HT delivers weight and fuel savings compared to traditional duals. With a 26/32-inch tread depth, it furnishes longer removal mileage, excellent traction in all weather conditions, increased resistance to scrubbing, improved ride comfort vs. traditional duals and increased fuel economy over traditional deep lug drive tires, according to Michelin.

The Michelin X-One XTE is an ultra low aspect single trailer tire that replaces 22.5 duals. The X-One design provides superior weight savings and improved fuel economy vs. duals, excellent resistance to scrubbing, 16/32″ tread depth for long removal mileage and 12 percent less vibration than duals, Michelin says.

The entire X-One line is available for all original equipment manufacturers as well as for replacement purchase through Michelin dealers and at travel plazas nationwide.
In all X-One applications, going from two wheels to one per axle end reduces weight, lowers rolling resistance, reduces the number of flexing sidewalls and improves fuel economy, according to Michelin. Fewer wheels also mean fewer tires to mount, dismount, inspect and rotate, resulting in less maintenance and driver downtime.

All X-One tires incorporate Michelin’s patented InfiniCoil technology, a unique stabilizing belt construction that runs perpendicular to the radial ply to optimize wear and handling. The X-One tires also incorporate conventional full-width steel belts and one radial ply, which complement the stabilizing action of the tire. Drivers say that the X-One tires have improved responsiveness and handling over conventional tires.


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