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Posted: August 1, 2014

Calling this latest offering its most fuel-efficient drive tire to date, Michelin says the new X One XDA Energy tire is good enough to convince truck operators still sitting on the fence about wide-base singles. In fact, the company claims that independent tests showed it’s the most fuel-efficient drive tire versus the leading North American competitors. Further, Michelin says it can help save "at least 7%" in annual fuel costs when used with its XZA3 steer tires and X One XTA trailer tires.

Its efficiency is said to come from innovative belt designs and Infini-Coil Technology, which refers to more than a quarter-of-a-mile of steel cord wrapped circumferentially around the crown of every X One tire. It reduces casing growth and stabilizes the contact patch, reducing irregular wear. As well, Matrix siping technology helps provide traction on both dry and slippery surfaces because the three-dimensional sipes lock together to create stability normally associated with solid tread blocks.

The X One XDA Energy tire is available in a 445/50R22.5 size and will replace the X One XDA tire.

A U.S. Dept. of Energy study released in 2009 showed wide single tires can increase vehicle fuel economy by 6 to 10%, Michelin points out.


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