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Posted: August 1, 2014

Michelin XDS 2 Pre-Mold retread

Michelin Retread Technologies says its new XDS 2 Pre-Mold retread is designed for year-round drive-axle traction, with optimized features for challenging winter conditions. This “next generation” retread comes with a 10% improvement in tread life over the XDS Pre-Mold, the company says. It’s claimed to provide traction for the life of the tread.

The XDS 2 Pre-Mold, at 25/32nd depth, delivers that traction by using deep sipes with zig-zag groove walls, along with V-shaped transverse shoulder grooves. These features provide biting edges for full-life traction, says Michelin, as well as excellent evacuation of snow, stone and mud. The tread-life improvement results from an engineered tread compound that delivers wear resistance in high-scrub applications, a wide contact patch for force distribution, and a directional tread that reduces heel/toe wear.

Michelin Retread Technologies franchisees operate 77 retread plants in North America, using a highly audited nine-step manufacturing process and advanced technology to examine 100% of casings before retreading.


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