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Mitchell 1 enhancing TruckSeries software

Posted: March 25, 2019

Mitchell 1 has launched enhancements to its TruckSeries truck repair software suite, adding 1Search Plus for more precise searching capabilities.

Features include an easy-to-use graphical design and consolidated information to help technicians streamline repairs. New search technology scans Mitchell 1’s database content and returns only the information the technician needs to make a diagnosis and repair, the company says

1Search Plus features include: a graphical card format that’s intuitive and easy to use; results that are more targeted, so technicians spend less time scrolling, as data is now categorized into more specific cards; and cards populate only if there is relevant information, so techs only see information for he results they need.

Actual photographs of components are also displayed, giving technicians a real-world of view of what they’re working on.

Another new feature is Top Lookups, which will display a the top 10 most frequently accessed posts relating to a given product.

Also new is Quick Links, a feature that allow users to find information quickly without pulling up the complete card by selecting the desired Quick Link.


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