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Mullen, Kriska Join to Form New Transportation Biz

Posted: October 30, 2014

PRESCOTT, ON – Trucking firms Mullen Group and Kriska Holdings have come together to create a new transportation and logistics company, Kriska Transportation Group Limited.

“We have been monitoring the trucking and logistics sector in Canada for a number of years,” said Murray Mullen, chairman and CEO of Mullen Group. “Over the past 12 to 18 months there has been significant consolidation in the trucking and logistics sector, particularly in eastern Canada. As such we believe our timing is right to partner with Mark Seymour and his team in the creation of a new growth-orientated company that provides alternatives to customers, employees, owner-operators and a new platform for additional investments into well run trucking and logistics companies.”

Among the recent large acquisitions are:

Kriska Transportation will be based in Prescott, ON, and will act as a parent company for Mullen’s Mill Creek Motor Freight L.P. and Kriska Holdings. Both Mill Creek and Kriska Holdings will continue to operate as wholly owned subsidiaries of Kriska Transportation.


Kriska Holdings:

  • 505: employees, including owner-ops;
  • 350: power units;
  • 1,200 rrailers.

Mill Creek:

  • 158: employees, including owner-ops;   
  • 107: power units;
  • 291: trailers;

Kriska Transportation will have a combined total of:

  • 663: employees, including owner-ops;
  • 457: power units;
  • 1,491: trailers. 

Mark Seymour, a 30-year industry veteran of the Canadian trucking industry and the current chairman of the Canadian Trucking Alliance, will serve as president and CEO of Kriska Transportation.

“The impact of the driver shortage has become a major issue to shippers and carriers alike; this transaction allows us to go to market with the asset-based capacity our customer’s value, and will provide a strong, stable platform for future acquisitions,” Seymour said.

Mullen will have a board position in Kriska Transportation and will also acquire the land properties of Kriska Transportation, including Kriska Holding’s current Mississauga and Prescott facilities.

The transaction is expected to close later this year and is subject to approval. 

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