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NB Raises Fees on Tires of Out-of-Province Trucks

Posted: August 1, 2014

DIEPPE, NB — There’s a new rule in New Brunswick that owners of all imported vehicles must pay an additional fee per each tire on their vehicle.

The change in regulation came into effect Jan. 2 and applies only to the tires that are on vehicles purchased outside of the province and registered in New Brunswick. Owners of such vehicles will be charged an increased fee, per tire, at the time of registration. For truckers, that fee is $13.50 per tire.

“I got a call from one of our carriers and when they went to register their trucks, they had to pay that extra fee because it was registered in the province, so whenever they are ready to change the tires, they have already paid the fee,” said Danielle Hebert, marketing coordinator for the  Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association (APTA).

Herbert explained that the fee exists because regardless of where the vehicle is purchased, once registered in New Brunswick, it’ll use the province’s recycling program to dispose of the tires.

“Basically, nothing changes for carriers if they were to buy a new truck in New Brunswick, or a new tire for their existing truck.  However, if anyone purchases a truck outside of New Brunswick and brings it to the province and registers it here, they will be required to pay the tire fees at the time of registration,” Hebert said.

The fees applicable to tires are established in subsection 31(4) of the Clean Environment Act:

“(a) for tires with a rim size of 20.32 cm (8.00 in) or more but not exceeding 43.18 cm (17.00 in), shall not exceed $4.50, exclusive of all applicable taxes,

(b) for tires with a rim size exceeding 43.18 cm (17.00 in) but not exceeding 62.23 cm (24.50 in), shall not exceed$13.50, exclusive of all applicable taxes, and

(c) notwithstanding paragraphs (a) and (b), for tires of motor-driven cycles and motorcycles as defined in the Motor Vehicle Act, shall not exceed $3.00, exclusive of all applicable taxes.”

In other words, each tire on out-of-province cars, light trucks and travel trailers will cost no more than $4.50 before tax, each tire on out-of-province tractor and trailer units, dump trucks and other such vehicles will cost $13.50 before tax and out-of-province motor-driven cycles and motorcycles have a fee of $3.00 per tire.




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