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New Bandag Drive Treads

Posted: June 22, 2016

Bridgestone offers two new Bandag retreads, rounding out a trio of patterns designed to balance dependable performance and affordability. The DR 5.3 and DR 4.3 retreads for drive axles help deliver longevity and long-term value without a premium price tag, the company says. They’re available now.

The new treads follow the TR 4.1 trailer pattern introduced late last year

The Bandag DR 5.3 closed-shoulder drive pattern for over-the-road applications is said to feature:

* Robust, solid shoulder for long tread life and uniform wear.

* Aggressive lug pattern for strong traction.

* Stone rejecters to help prevent stone drilling.

* Proprietary compound that contributes to durability and wear life.

The Bandag DR 4.3 open-shoulder drive pattern for a variety of on- and mild off-road applications also features:

* Wide center rib for stability and even wear.

* Open shoulder that provides strong evacuation and traction in adverse weather conditions, along with a strong grip for chains.

Like the TR 4.1 trailer tread pattern, the DR 5.3 and DR 4.3 retreads accommodate common casing sizes used in truckload, LTL and P&D services.


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