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New Castrol diesel engine oil line

Posted: August 1, 2014

Castrol Heavy Duty Lubricants has introduced a new line of super high performance diesel engine oils. The products, Castrol Enduron S, Castrol Tection Extra and Castrol Tection S, are part of a major rollout by the company that will also include new packaging and an enhanced Castrol Heavy Duty Lubricants corporate logo.

The company says the line was developed to comply with the new EPA mandated emissions reductions while at the same time providing for enhanced performance in older diesel engines.

Castrol Enduron S, the company says, exceeds the demand of current diesel engine oil specifications, including API CI-4, CH-4, CG-4,CF-4, SL, Cummins CES 20078, 20076, and Mack EO-M Plus. Features include: synthetic blend base stock to enhance performance, dispersive quality to manage higher soot levels generated by Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) engines, detergent properties to neutralize higher acid levels, and low ash technology that will not compromise performance in older engines.

Castrol Tection S provides protection for diesel engines my managing soot and controlling wear on parts such as piston rings, liners, and rod bearings. Tection S is formulated to meet current diesel engine oil specifications including API CI-4. The company says Tection S and Tection Extra, the third oil in the new line, features many of the formulation already mentioned in the Enduron S oil.


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