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Posted: August 1, 2014

Kenworth is now offering its extended daycab and AeroCab sleepers, including its unique 38-in. AeroCab, as new options for T800 wide-hood
trucks and tractors. The wide ‘T8’ is popular in oilfield, construction, and other extra-heavy operations and these new options expand its versatility and improve driver comfort. Kewnworth thinks they’ll also promote driver retention.

The extended daycab runs 6 in. longer than standard models with the cab roof raised 5 in. There’s also more leg room, 21 degrees of recline in the driver’s seat, and 2 cu ft worth of extra storage behind the driver’s seat. This cab is also available on Kenworth’s T600 and W900 models.

The 38-in. AeroCab sleeper features good headroom, a standard liftable bunk, over- and under-bunk storage, 24-by-78-in. tilt-up mattress, full
headliner, lockable luggage compartments, swivel reading light, and separate sleeper control console. Kenworth also recently added two 12-in. wide by 20-in. tall toolbox doors to provide outside access to storage space under the bunk.


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