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New Petro-Can Engine Lube

Posted: October 30, 2014


At the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Germany last week, Petro-Canada Lubricants launched a new heavy-duty diesel engine oil, Duron-E UHP 5W-30, said to improve fuel economy by as much as 4% compared to a 15W-40 oil. With SAE J-1321 Type 2 tests to prove it, the company says.

The low-viscosity lube, made from 99.9% pure base oil, is also said to provide two-times better wear protection, based on results from the Daimler OM 646 LA piston cleanliness test. The company feels this should effectively counter the notion that lower viscosity mans higher engine wear.

Other oils in the family include Duron-E Synthetic 10W-40, Duron-E XL 15W-40, and Duron-E 15W-40.

This latest lube will be available in November.


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