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New Utility Flatbed

Posted: September 28, 2016

Utility Trailer Manufacturing says its new 4000AE flatbed trailer “delivers the strength and long-term benefits of a durable combo trailer.”

Called a “next generation” trailer, it’s an evolution of the proven 4000A with a standard 47,000-lb coil-haul package and a unique crossmember design. It’s said to approach the weight of an all-aluminum trailer  at a combo trailer price.

The 4000AE flatbed replaces steel crossmembers with a new patent-pending design that uses 3- and 4-inch aluminum crossmembers, contributing to an overall weight reduction while adding a standard coil haul package.

Each crossmember sits in a patent-pending saddle that does not use mechanical fasteners to connect the crossmember to the steel main beams. For added stability, three tube-shaped outriggers are located on each side of the 4000AE and are connected to the aluminum crossmembers – aiding in even load distribution to the steel main beams.

The 4000AE comes standard with a 47,000-lb coil-haul package, yet it’s said to be 536 lb lighter than the 4000A base model and 627 lb lighter than the 4000A flatbed with the optional coil package. 


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