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NJ transport chair wants to walk back ‘snow job’ rule

Posted: August 1, 2014

TRENTON, N.J. – After backing a law that requires drivers in New Jersey to remove snow and ice from rooftops and trailer tops, Assembly Transportation Chairman John Wisniewski has now introduced a bill that would exempt truckers until “appropriate removal equipment” is available.

Wisniewski told OOIDA he has a better understanding of truckers’ difficulty with the rule after receiving a letter from New Jersey Motor Truck Association director Gail Toth, explaining all the problems the industry has experienced during the rule took effect last fall.

Drivers complained that the rule is nearly impossible to comply with since there’s a lack of snow removal devices in the state and climbing on top of trailers is dangerous and prohibited by safety rules.

Wisniewski, one of the sponsors of the original bill to mandate snow removal from all vehicles, says that there needs to be more snow removal areas for the rule to be effective and safe for drivers.

According to local media a cleaning station is planned for northbound trucks entering the New Jersey Turnpike.

No stations are immediately planned for the Garden State Parkway or Atlantic City Expressway, however.

More than 1,800 citations were issued in the state by the end of January.

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