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No Charge for Dangerous Goods Transport Emergency Calls

Posted: December 11, 2015

OTTAWA, ON – You now don’t have to spend a cent when needing pertinent and timely advice on how to handle emergencies arising from the transportation of dangerous goods.

The Canadian Transport Emergency Centre (CANUTEC), now has a toll-free phone number which can be used for emergency assistance from anywhere in Canada or the United-States, according to the Ontario Trucking Association’s website.

Calling 1-888-CANUTEC, or 1-888-226-8832) will put you in touch with CANUTEC’s emergency response advisors.

The toll-free number does not replace CANUTEC’s current emergency numbers or 613-996-6666, as well as *666 from a cell phone in Canada, which are still operational.

Companies registered with CANUTEC can use the toll-free number as the 24-hour number on their shipping documents for freight destined anywhere in Canada or the U.S.

The toll-free number will not work outside of these two countries.

Shipping documents accompanying cargo destined abroad therefore still needs to use 613-996-6666 as a contact.

For more information, visit the CANUTEC webaite or call 613-992-4624.

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