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Noregon enhances TripVision, J-Pro

Posted: March 25, 2019

Noregon has unveiled an enhanced version of its TripVision system, offering a fleet management tool that delivers a snapshot of vehicle health, safety and performance.

Known as TripVision Uptime, it offers bi-directional controls like the ability to modify maximum road and cruise speeds once ignition keys are cycled.

Other examples of remote capabilities include parameter settings relating to idle shutdowns, forcing DPF regens, and clearing fault codes. And a new feature known as Actionable Alerts will pinpoint emerging faults linked to issues like low coolant levels.

It’s enabled by a hardware device called ND2, which Noregon says will not interfere with telematics hardware.

Previous features such as health and safety scores, effect on vehicle descriptions, and configurable text and email alerts remain in place.

Noregon has also updated its JPro Professional diagnostic and repair tool, which now includes a “virtual truck” that can be used to evaluate the product or help students and technicians to hone their craft.


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