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Omnitracs One combines offerings

Posted: March 5, 2018

Omnitracs has found a new way to combine its best product offerings, under the umbrella of Omnitracs One.

The new fleet management solution is intended to create one comprehensive offering for any fleet, from first mile to last ,with all the best features and functionalities of Omnitracs’ entire portfolio.

Available features include things such as routing, workflow, navigation, compliance, data recovery, and platform hardware. That helps carriers predict and manage issues like violations, impending collisions, service issue, and driver turnover even before they arise, the company says.

It also assists drivers with daily management, providing the most efficient routes, as well as suggested stops. It helps with maintaining compliance with hours-of-service and on-duty time, and can be configured for various types of workflows and applications.


Omnitracs One will be available this year, with timing based on the needs of individual fleets.


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