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Posted: November 11, 2015

Consolidated Metco (ConMet) has launched a new online tool that allows users to look up specifications, cross reference, and availability of all its brake drum products.

Visitors can easily find a ConMet brake drum for their application in several ways:

•           A Dimension Tool allows for selection of ConMet brake drums by critical drum dimensions. This function filters as dimensions are input and actively lists all matching drums as more selections are made.

•           A Competitor Interchange lets users input part numbers for competitor’s drums and produces results for equivalent ConMet part numbers.

•           A ConMet Part Number search is a simple way to find availability for a direct replacement of a brake drum.

To help customers determine the best brake drum for their needs, the brake drum product look-up tool suggests a ‘best match’ when more than one result is obtained.

Like ConMet’s general website, this tool has been optimized to function on mobile devices as well.


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