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Ontario funding vehicle charging stations

Posted: January 16, 2018

TORONTO, ON – Ontario has unveiled a new Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program to help those that want to install charging stations — but not for commercial vehicles.

Del Duca

The new initiative will cover up to 80% of the cost of Level 2 chargers, up to $7,500 per charging space. Those stations offer 240-volt power.

“The Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program will provide funding to employers and commercial building owners and manager to install electric vehicle charging stations for their employees and tenants at workplaces across Ontario,” says Ministry of Transportation spokesman Bob Nichols. “The program is meant to support the installation of electric vehicle charges for employees’ personal vehicles at their place of work. It is not meant to provide charging for commercial purposes.”

There are currently 1,300 public vehicle chargers in Ontario, while the province has invested about $2.2 million to help install about 2,600 home charging stations since January 2013.

The number of commercial electric vehicles in the province is essentially non-existent at this point, but the province does have about 16,000 smaller electric vehicles on the road.

“The electrification of transportation is happening fast, and the Ontario government is committed to building the necessary infrastructure to meet this demand,” said Steven Del Duca, in one of his last statements as transport minister. “By building more electric vehicle charging stations at workplaces across Ontario, we’re also encouraging more drivers to make the switch to an electric vehicle and building Ontario’s future.”

  • An early version of this story has been modified to reference how commercial vehicles are excluded.

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