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OOIDA checks in with provinces on parking shortage

Posted: June 20, 2016 by Today's Trucking Staff

GRAIN VALLEY, MO – The U.S. Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association says it’s been reaching out to Canada’s provincial ministries of transportation to gather data for its new truck parking shortage committee. 

“We are hopeful that there will be a renewed effort to pursue truck parking solutions,” a portion of the letter states. “Reasonable and cost-effective solutions do exist even under budgetary constraints, especially considering the increased risks to public safety due to a lack of truck parking.” 

[Read the full letter in pdf form at the bottom of the page.]

OOIDA also sent out letters to all 50 U.S. state governors in an attempt to gauge the state of the ongoing parking shortage. 

All but 11 U.S. states have recorded issues with parking space availability for trucks, according to the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI). 

The letter to the Canadian provinces was penned by Mike Matousek, OOIDA’s director of state legislative affairs, who in February addressed the Connecticut General Assembly regarding the state’s pending rest stop closures. In part, Matousek stated, “The Rest areas generally provide access to facilities, such as running water, toilets, sinks, and vending machines, and better protection from theft, vandalism, assault, and worse. In terms of compliance, they allow drivers to comply with the federal hours-of-service rest requirements for short and long periods of time.” 

The truck parking issue also made headlines in April when council members in North Bend, Washington, voted against creating new truck parking and against any potential expansions of current rest stops.

The truck parking issue has become so pervasive that in March ATRI began asking drivers to keep 14-day parking logs to help document the true extent of the problem. Drivers will also log the amount of time lost in their duty day if they parked before running out of hours simply to secure available parking. ATRI hopes to release its report on the truck parking diaries in August.

A number of smartphone apps are in development to attempt a technological solution to the truck parking problem.

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