Today's Trucking

Demographic Demands: The business case for diversity

May 24, 2016

Recruiters in Canada’s trucking industry appear to be overlooking massive labor pools, and a recent report from Trucking HR Canada is making the business case to connect with several under-represented demographic groups. “We just want the industry to be aware of the demographics; that these are the labor pools we need to tap into,” says CEO Angela Splinter, whose trucking-focused organization promotes best practices in human resources.

Prepare to be Schooled

May 9, 2016

A Class 1/A licence falls well short of proving that someone is ready to work as a truck driver. Ask any industry recruiter. Hang around a busy loading dock long enough, and you’ll likely have the chance to pick up a few extra dollars from frustrated newbies, all eager to hand the keys to someone who can actually reverse into tight spaces. This is especially true for people who, with a minimal amount of training, managed to learn just enough to earn the licence itself.

Runaway and Repeat

April 20, 2016

I’m experiencing a new day and new job at Today’s Trucking, but there is no escaping the sense of déjà vu. Yes, I still lean on my GPS to find the office, and I think it will be several months before I remember the phone number, but something feels oddly familiar. Too familiar.

Time is US $9.26 at a roadside scale

April 10, 2016

Time is money, and this is particularly true when you’re stuck at a roadside scale. Even if everything is in running order, drivers still have to wait their turn before being waved on their way.

Orlick’s term as CTA chair begins with search for chief

March 28, 2016

Gene Orlick’s tenure as chairman of the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) can still reasonably be counted in days. The owner of Alberta-based Orlicks Inc. assumed the role just last week, during the alliance’s spring board meeting in Arizona. But his mandate already includes one issue that will define the nation’s largest trucking organization for years to come. Who will replace David Bradley?

Road Trip: Volvo’s Canadian dealers in Hagerstown

March 24, 2016

Volvo’s Canadian dealers are celebrating. Goran Nyberg, president of Volvo Trucks North America, noted that the company’s retail share in Canada hit 16.3% in 2014, complete with 54% of the sleepers that have 10-13-litre engines. Employees responded to numbers like that with chants of “all time high”. And today they represent the first wave of North American dealers to learn about several powertrain enhancements available to buyers in 2017.