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Opinion: Proposal to axe air brake re-testing is ‘ridiculous’

December 10, 2019

In Ontario, a recent private member’s bill proposes that the province do away with mandatory air-brake re-testing for drivers as they renew their AZ licences every five years. That’s ridiculous.

Opinion: Governments failing us when it comes to driver training

December 2, 2019

Driver training should not be the huge problem that it is. It just shouldn’t. If we were truly serious about it, we would have resolved the issue decades ago. Yet here we are, needing the Humboldt tragedy to focus our collective mind on solutions. And even with that impetus, we’re really nowhere close to doing it right.

Opinion: Temporary Foreign Worker Program needs better policing

October 15, 2019

We now have unscrupulous immigration consultants feeding equally unscrupulous trucking companies with innocent newbie drivers who pay as much as $30,000 for the chance to become a Canadian. By first becoming a truck driver. Experience? Not important. Training? Not supplied.

Opinion: Truck driver shortage involves more than ‘churn’

September 18, 2019

Drivers, drivers, drivers. Is any subject more talked about in our industry? Nope. Of the seven issues recently cited as the biggest concerns of Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) members, six of them concerned drivers in one way or another, and the only other issue identified was carbon pricing. No mention of freight rates or aggressive enforcement or lousy roads or a zillion other possibilities. Just drivers.

Opinion: The risk of hacking connected vehicles is real

August 13, 2019

Safety-critical vehicle systems are being connected to the internet, but that poses real security risks, according to one report.

Opinion: Trucking ahead of four wheelers in the tech race

July 12, 2019

Trucking is way ahead of the four-wheeler industry in terms of conceiving how we might incorporate electrification and autonomy.

Opinion: Renewable natural gas (RNG) seems like a tidy solution

June 17, 2019

Renewable natural gas (RNG) seems like a tidy solution for trucking, and we need to double our efforts to get off the diesel train as soon as we can.

Opinion: Rust never sleeps, but what’s your biggest truck maintenance headache?

May 28, 2019

What’s your biggest maintenance headache? I actually do want to know because, believe it or not, planning for next spring’s Canadian Fleet Maintenance Summit on April 15 is already underway. It’s at a preliminary stage, for sure, but we’re already at it. We haven’t yet held a meeting of the dozen or so members of the advisory council that helps us devise the program, but individually we’re creating short lists of subjects to cover.

Opinion: Use your head when approaching emergency workers at roadside

May 14, 2019

Every time I see a policeman or a tow-truck driver working at the side of a busy road, I get the willies. The risk is so obvious, so profound. A driver’s momentary inattention or wilful carelessness can snuff out a life in a millisecond. It happens far too often.

Goodbye, Bill MacKinnon

April 15, 2019

There are people who just plain shouldn’t die. Ever. Bill MacKinnon was one of those guys, a pillar in our industry with a trucking history that goes back to the 1920s. But die he did on March 22, at home in Guelph, Ontario, after a long illness. He was 90 years old.

Plenty of talk, little action on driver training

March 13, 2019

Man, I am so fed up with the utterly endless discussions about driver training in this country. I’ve heard the mostly empty chatter for 40 years now, with precious little to show for all the wear and tear on my […]

Bridging Extremes: How do we deliver tech to more applications?

February 25, 2019

Here I sit, fingers hovering over the keyboard, staring at the blank screen where this column will be built. It’s late February and I’ve resolved to write about the technological innovations that impressed me in the last few seriously amazing […]

Where are the techs?

February 12, 2019

The maintenance people of trucking are a resourceful breed. They get things done. Yet there’s a challenge that’s been haunting almost every shop manager – at fleets, dealerships, and independent garages alike – for as long as I’ve been writing about this industry of ours. The shortage of skilled technicians is a plague that just won’t go away.

Has platooning reached a dead end?

January 11, 2019

Has Daimler’s Martin Daum thrown serious rain on the platooning parade? Is he right to stop investing in the technology? Will he dissuade others from doing so?

Autonomous technology improving, people unpredictable

December 13, 2018

Probably most of us believe that the onset of autonomous vehicles is inevitable, cars and trucks alike. But does anyone think it will go smoothly? I sure don’t. For the most part we’re seeing very capable technology, and it will […]