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OPP and MTO set Operation Corridor for June 16

Posted: June 15, 2016 by Today's Trucking Staff

OPP Chief Superintendent Brad Blair is being promoted to Deputy Commissioner and Provincial Commander for ...TORONTO, ON – On June 16, the Ontario Provincial Police and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation are launching a 24-hour enforcement and education initiative called Operation Corridor to help curb collision numbers among commercial vehicles. 

Announcing the blitz, officials reminded the public that that they’ve responded to more than 27,000 transport truck collisions over the last five years. 

It’s a number both the ministry and the OPP want to shrink. 

“Although our officers see many safe drivers on our roads every day, those who are not need to know just how devastating and costly it can be when they fail to make safe driving decisions or do not undertake proper maintenance and truck inspections,” stated OPP Deputy Commissioner Brad Blair. 

Even more notable about the truck collisions were the amount of multiple fatalities they caused. From 2011 to 2015, a total of 321 people died over the course of 260 fatal collisions, stated the OPP. 

“As our latest data tells us, crashes involving commercial motor vehicles usually result in a higher number of multiple fatalities when compared to collisions involving regular-sized vehicles,” added Blair, who is also Provincial Commander of Traffic Safety and Operational Support. 

Of the people who died in the collisions, 281 were drivers and passengers in other vehicles involved in the crashes. The other 40 victims were drivers of the transport trucks, OPP data shows. 

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