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OTA wants ‘Uber-like’ towing system

Posted: September 29, 2017

TORONTO, ON – The Ontario Trucking Association and Ontario Recovery Group are looking for an app-based electronic call system to help address incidents on the province’s 400-Series highways.

The “Uber-like” call system would allow police and enforcement officials to call the closest-available top truck in the system or the carrier’s contracted tow-recovery provider, the Ontario Trucking Association says. To be listed in the app, recovery companies and drivers would have to be approved, qualified, and receive training developed and approved by the Ontario Recovery Group and government officials.

The app would also be expected to provide collision details, including the cost to perform the recovery and clean-up, as well as track the time it takes to clear the scene.

“This partnership between stakeholders utilizing modern, app-based tools will go a long way toward improving highway safety, removing unnecessary inefficiencies currently plaguing highway incident management and restoring consumer protection for trucking companies who require roadside assistance or recovery,” said Steve Ondejko, chairman of the Ontario Trucking Association.

To make the program a reality, a review committee of public and private stakeholders would be needed to review system reports and see if any towing companies are not meeting the policy conditions.


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