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Posted: August 1, 2014

To assist dealers and their customers in managing parts and service purchases, Mack and Volvo have introduced a new system called MV Preferred for fleets with 50 or more trucks. It uses automated processes to validate purchase orders and invoices, to ensure that transactions are
complete and that customer-specified spending controls are met. It promises to improve transaction accuracy and save time, MV Preferred also streamlines the back-office functions of reporting, invoice reconciliation and processing, and consolidation by automatically making sure essential information is correct from the outset of a transaction.

There is no fee to participate. Customers can sign up for the program at their dealer.

Every fleet enrolled in the program is given a unique identification number, which they provide to their dealer when ordering parts or service. The dealer then checks the customer’s profile online to ensure that the order process meets pre-established criteria – confirming, for example, if the customer requires a purchase order or a purchase-order number for a parts purchase. The order cannot be entered unless all of the customer-required information is included.

The program also verifies the correct price for all purchases. Every invoice provides a record of all transactions made against a customer’s account. Purchase activity and history can be checked 24 hours a day online as well. MV Preferred also gives customers the ability to set parts or service spending limits for individual terminals. This information is entered into the fleet’s profile and is available to all dealers in the program.

Mack and Volvo have partnered with Karmak and ADP Dealer Services to integrate the program into their management systems.


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