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PC-Based Diagnostic Software

Posted: July 22, 2015

Nexiq Technologies has announced the release of its new PC-based, heavy-duty diagnostic software application — eTechnician HD. It provides the basic functions to diagnose most electronically controlled vehicle systems, including module support for engines, transmissions, brakes, trailers, body controllers, instrument clusters, and emissions. This comprehensive support enables technicians to  switch easily between each of the elements of the vehicle system. eTechnician HD supports a wide array of heavy-duty vehicles.

Nexiq eTechnician HD diagnostic softwareThe product includes a utility that launches OEM software applications seamlessly, for quick access to additional support and functionality. To provide an even broader range of diagnostic support, eTechnician HD can be integrated with the company’s SmartTech subscription service, which grants technicians instant access to diagnostic fault-related service information. SmartTech — sold separately — anticipates the detailed information required to fix the vehicle and is said to retrieve it in seconds.

eTechnician HD supports RP1210-compliant interface adapters, including the  Nexiq USB-Link 2, available in both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi editions.


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