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PeopleNet connecting, reporting, scanning

Posted: October 30, 2017

PeopleNet has unveiled a suite of new products ranging from a connected gateway, to real-time reports on vehicle health, and a tool for scanning documents.

The PeopleNet Connected Gateway onboard devices make it possible to connect to a wide range of in-cab displays and mobile devices via WiFi to 4G LTE networks.

The gateway can be connected directly into a vehicle diagnostic port and is mounted on the dash, rather than mounting in the headliner or hiding in another compartment. Connecting to the engine bus it can also feed encrypted data back to PeopleNet’s cloud data center.

PeopleNet Fault Intelligence, meanwhile, has been unveiled as part of the Connected Fleet platform, delivering real-time vehicle health and safety information.

Powered by Noregon, this system offers information on fleet health regardless of a truck’s make or model. Each vehicle is given a safety score and health score, along with its location.

Rounding out the new offerings, those using a PeopleNet-certified mobile device can now use the LoadDocs mobile app to scan a wide range of documents such as expense reports and Bills of Lading. That is available to those with Android-based in-cab displays and mobile devices, in conjunction with a PeopleNet Mobile Gateway or PeopleNet Connected Gateway.



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