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PeopleNet-McLeod Integrate to Bring More Agility to LTL

Posted: August 1, 2014

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. — PeopleNet announced this week that they are integrating with McLeod Software’s LoadMaster LTL “to better address the complexities of the companies’ less-than-truckload customers.”

With an LTL driver’s assignments likely to change frequently each day, “Our […] dispatch-driver communications streamlines the change process and workflow for drivers using LoadMaster LTL, and enables them to respond to changes more quickly and with less effort,” said PeopleNet Senior Vice President, Tailored Solutions Randy Boyles.

Drivers will be able to view all stops, select stops to make, and when the driver indicates arrival, the corresponding form comes up for the driver to complete. For load pickup, drivers are asked to identify freight essentials: number of pieces and pallets, weight and destination zip or postal codes.

McLeod Vice President of LTL Technologies Marc Mitchell said that the system is designed to help both office staff and drivers get more done in less time. “The tight integration between automated data collection and mobile communications at the truck-and-trailer level drives errors out of the work process and the system.”


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