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Peterbilt unveils electric Model 220EV

Posted: January 15, 2019

Peterbilt’s 220EV expands the company’s electric truck lineup to three models.

Peterbilt is expanding its test fleet of electric trucks, adding a medium-duty Model 220EV to the previously announced Model 520EV and Model 579EV.

By the end of this year, it means the manufacturer will have more than 30 electric vehicles operating in refuse, regional haul, and urban delivery applications. Five are in the midst of tests today.

While the 520EV and 579EV use conventional drivelines to connect electric motors and traditional axles, the 220EV incorporates the Meritor Blue Horizon two-speed drive eAxle. This approach opens up space between the frame rails to mount other components. The packaging will support any of the bodies currently available on diesel-powered versions of the trucks.

The power will come from a pair of TransPower lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt battery packs, delivering 148 kWh and 650 volts. Peak power will reach 250 kW, while continuous power will reach 200 kW.

The 650 volts from the batteries are converted to AC voltage that the motor uses to propel the truck.

The final result has a range of 160 km, and the truck can be recharged in an hour when using a DC fast charging system, meeting a particular need for pickup and delivery applications.

An 11kW onboard charger features two different charging ports – a standard 220-volt AC connector used for electric cars and capable of charging the system in 11-13 hours, and a high-voltage fast charger that can do the job in one to three hours.



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